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Yamaha 4-Stroke 40HP Outboard Motor

Attention 1.About the noise: all the gasoline machines are noisy, currently we did not test the decibel , but the noise is the same as the motorcycle, so it is a normal phenomenon. 2.The machine itself is lightweight, it can use on boat weight of 100kg or less , load-bearing 4 people, but the speed is certainly not the same whenone person on it or 4 people on it . Customer who has high expectations on speed, please be noticed. 3.It can be marched with inflatable boats, rubber boats or fishing boats. 4.Necessary: you have to prepare a boat-motor stand or Hanging board on your boat. Two strokes 3.5 hp are controlled by the handle, which is operated by the clutch. There is no Neutral, only idle mode or low speed mode